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BAPPEBTI Appoints Darmawan Capital to Manage Warehouse Receipt System Warehouses

The Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory (Bappebti) approved Darmawan Capital (PT. Darmawan Manajemen Kapital) to run warehouse receipt system (WRS) warehouse to manage tin commodities.

The warehouse receipt system itself is a trading or financial instrument that allows commodities to be stored in warehouses to obtain financing from financial institutions without collateral.

CEO of Darmawan Capital, Oscar Darmawan said, WRS aims to open access to financing for business actors.

This is possible because in the WRS the warehouse manager can issue proof of ownership of the goods stored in the warehouse, where the evidence can be valid like securities such as land certificates or vehicle BPKB.

“Therefore, in order to maintain public trust in this system, the integrity and commitment of the warehouse manager is needed in maintaining the goods stored in the warehouse,” said Oscar.

In addition, Oscar added, WRS can be a solution for the community in maintaining prices so that there is certainty in the physical commodity market.

The existence of the WRS is triggered because access to financing for agricultural activities is a problem that Indonesian farmers are still facing.

The availability of the warehouse itself is a challenge for farmers so that warehouse receipts become a solution, especially in relation to the high logistics costs for farmers from the point of harvest to the final consumer.

“To improve the supply chain, PT Darmawan Manajemen Kapital (DMK) moves by modernizing through technology,” said Oscar.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Warehouse Receipt System Development and Development Bureau and the Commodity Auction Market, Widiastuti, hopes that Darmawan Capital will be able to become a professional, trusted, and innovative WRS warehouse manager.

“We are waiting for PT DMK’s work to issue tin warehouse receipts for the advancement of this industry in Indonesia, sir,” he said.

The warehouse receipt system, which is one of the national priority programs, is expected to be able to help move the wheels of the economy and improve the welfare of business actors, especially MSMEs and farmers.

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Tadpole Finance is Registered as a Crypto Asset by BAPPEPTI

A crypto asset based on the decentralized finance (DeFi) system, Tadpole Finance (TAD), is now officially allowed to be transacted in Indonesia. This follows the inclusion of TAD in the latest list of officially licensed crypto assets from BAPPEBTI.

Tadpole Finance CEO Wildan Ramadhan said, with the inclusion of TAD in the list of crypto assets under BAPPEBTI’s supervision in accordance with SK number 11 of 2022, blockchain developers and investors in Indonesia can use the token more safely.

“We are grateful and proud to have entered the list of BAPPEBTI crypto assets that can be traded in Indonesia. This will certainly increase public confidence in our products,” he said in his statement.

He further reported that currently Tadpole Finance has a market capitalization of more than IDR 17 billion at a price of around IDR 31,000 per token. Based on coinmarketcap data, TAD is currently ranked as the 1,435th largest market cap.

“In the future, Tadpole Finance plans to develop its business by developing various other 3 web products,” said Wildan.

Currently, investors can transact TAD through the crypto platform, Indodax. Wildan hopes that TAD can maximize the potential of large investors in Indodax.

Meanwhile, Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan said he was happy with the determination of the crypto list that was just released by BAPPEBTI as the regulator of the crypto market in Indonesia. According to him, this is a breath of fresh air for the growth of the crypto industry in the country.

“I hope that more native Indonesian tokens can enter this list in order to encourage and strengthen the crypto and blockchain ecosystem in Indonesia,” he said.

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Indodax Collaborate with Jangjo for a CSR Program

In efforts to create a culture that cares about the environment, a crypto trading platform Indodax, has just formed a partnership with Jangjo, a modern waste management start-up company, for its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program.

Indodax CEO Oscar Darmawan, said that Indodax will strive to apply the principles of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG), especially for the environmental purposes, where this issue is currently being discussed.

“The issue of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is an important topic that is often discussed. Therefore, Indodax held a CSR program that focuses on environmental issues. The agenda for this program is the transportation of sorted waste from the Indodax office, that Jangjo can take for the recycling process.” Oscar said.

CEO and co-founder of Jangjo, Joe Hansen, said that this collaboration was built because of the issue of national waste. Based on data compiled from the Ministry of Environment and Forestry (KLHK), the total national waste in 2021 will reach 68.5 million tons, of which 17 percent (11.6 million tons) is a type of plastic waste.

“With suboptimal management and unsegregateted waste causes waste to accumulate in the Final Disposal Site (TPA). In Jabodetabek itself, I see the Bantargebang TPA will exceed its capacity in the near future. We need to move together to solve this problem, it’s as simple as starting to sort it out. Sorting can be a solution to reduce waste sent to landfill, to increase the amount of waste that is recycled,” said Joe Hansen.

Seeing this conditions, Indodax was decided to cooperate with Jangjo and carry out a CSR program for an environmental purpose, especially in waste management.

“We, Indodax, believe that the company is not just pursuing profit. A good company is a company that also cares about the environment and cares about the social environment around it. I think it’s very important for us to start real action, to make the environment even better. We at Indodax believe that every small step we start can have a big impact on our environment,” concluded Oscar Darmawan.

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Sakumas, Digital Gold Investment in Era 4.0

We all know that gold is an investment whose tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. You’re probably familiar with all the gold investments that older people hold; gold jewelry, gold coins, and the array of gold purchase notes they still keep till now. However, as the world moves forward with increasingly massive digitization, will you choose to invest in such a conservative way? Therefore, Sakumas comes with a digital gold investment service that offers convenience for people to start investing.

The Presence of Digital Gold in Era 4.0

Digital gold is the gold that can be traded digitally or through online platforms such as Sakumas. In this way, everyone, including you, will find it easier to invest in gold because there is no need to hold or store the precious metal in physical form.

Investing in digital gold is indeed a cost-effective and efficient way of investing. Because investing in digital gold does not involve additional storage costs. In addition, investors do not need to worry about the safety of gold stored by trading companies in safes on behalf of investors.

When you buy a unit of digital gold online, the company will provide physical gold/bars that have been checked for purity and placed in a trusted company. If you are interested in exchanging it into physical form, the gold will be removed from the “vault”

Benefits of Digital Gold Investment

1. Can Invest Small Amount
You as an investor can invest a small amount of money in digital gold. There is no limit or minimum purchase limit. Hence, one can consider digital gold for investments of small value.

2. The quality is maintained
Investors will only have 24 karat gold, and the quality is maintained. So, it’s not like shopping at a gold shop where you still have doubts about its authenticity. In a digital gold platform, the gold that you purchase is guaranteed, in protection or purity.

3. Easily Convertible To Physical Gold
You can even withdraw the value of gold along with the profits you get from it to an account number in the form of cash.

4. Loans with Digital Gold as Guarantee
In fact, the value of investments in digital gold platforms can be used as collateral to make loans.

5. Track Investments with the Snap of a Finger
Want to calculate how much your gold is worth at this hour compared to the same hour yesterday? You can do that easily via mobile. Just open the application or the website in your spare time, Voila, you will be able to calculate the value of investment performance.

Why Choose Sakumas for Digital Gold Investment?

  • Safe: Gold investment in Sakumas is guaranteed safe because it has been directly supervised and inaugurated by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti).
  • Practical: The Pluang application is very practical and easy to use so you can sell and buy gold 24 hours a day and seven days a week starting from only IDR 10,000.

Sakumas from the company PT Sehati Indonesia Sejahtera has obtained permission from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti) to buy, hold, and store gold representing the interests of users who own digital gold.

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Ayobantu, Ramadan Gifts for Dhuafa Families

In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, Ayobantu collaborates with Rumah Zakat to share with the elderly and poor people through a program called ‘Alms for Dhuafa Families’ (Sedekah Bingkisan Keluarga Dhuafa).

As stated in the Qur’an Surah Al-Fajr that:
“Absolutely not! You don’t even glorify orphans and you don’t invite each other to feed the poor while you eat inheritance by mixing (lawful and unlawful) and you love excessive wealth” (Q.S Al-Fajr (89) verses 17-20).

Mak Nonoh’s Story

One of the stories of elderly family fighters, whose families are classified as underprivileged (Dhuafa) comes from Mak Nonoh, she is a 77-year-old widow who works as a scavenger in the Cikutra area, Bandung. In his old age, Mak Nonoh had to work to  support her 4 orphaned grandchildren.

Mak Nonoh’s daughter used to work as a housemaid to support the needs of Mak Nonoh’s 4 grandchildren, but since the pandemic, she has not worked anymore. Currently, she is working on several odd jobs, so their income has decreased drastically. To live, everyday they try to eat as little as possible, and sometimes they need rely on food that is given by their neighbours.

Mak Nonoh and her 4 grandchildren have to live in a narrow house of 28 square meters, where is no toilet inside the house. Mak Nonoh and her family have to use public toilets and manually draw water. Not only that, the difficult life of Mak Nonoh and her grandson has caused some of her grandchildren forced to drop out from school.

Mbah Darmi’s Story

“Even though I am tired and it is dangerous, I still need to go to the fields to work. I am the breadwinner for the family because my husband has not worked for a long time since he is old and has no energy,” said Darmi, 64 years old.
Every day, Darmi travels 30 minutes by foot to go to the rice fields. To reach the destination, she had to cross the river with a narrow path. Even so, she still left because she needed to earn money to survive.
Mbah Darmi continues to pray that her children will be successful and admits that she wants to enjoy her old age by not working hard. “Hopefully my children can be successful, so I don’t have to work anymore, and they can help me,” she hoped.

Can you imagine…? At the age of Mak Nonoh and Mbah Darmi, they still need to struggle to support her family? Of course, Mak Nonoh and Mbah Darmi aren’t the only one, out there there are thousands of elderly people who are family fighters struggled to feed their family daily.

To help them, therefore, Rumah Zakat invites all friends to lend a helping hand and give a little happiness to Mak Nonoh, Mbah Darmi, and other elderly people in need through the program Ramadan of Ayobantu Alms for Dhuafa Families (Sedekah Bingkisan Keluarga Dhuafa).

Earn Your Rezeki Ramadan at Tokenomy!

In welcoming this year’s Eid al Fitr, Tokenomy wants to share Ramadan blessing to its loyal members prizes that worths millions of rupiah, through an event called “Earn Rezeki Ramadan“. To win these irresistible prizes, here are the terms and conditions:

Start: 25 March 2022
End: 4 May 2022

Macbook Air M1

1 Samsung Smart TV 43 Inch
1 Roadbike 700C FRC38
1 Xiaomi Poco M3


  1. This event will start on 25 March 2022 and end 4 May 2022.
  2. This event is valid for all assets listed under Fixed Deposit and Dual Currency Deposit products.
  3. The member with the most number of points will win the grand prize.
  4. No fee is chargeable to join EARN Millions of Rupiah in “Rezeki Ramadan”.
  5. Eligible participants must be Indonesian Tokenomy members with a valid Indonesia Residence Number (NIK).
  6. Winners will be announced on 10 May 2022, at 19:00 Western Indonesian Time (UTC+7) LIVE on Tokenomy’s YouTube channel.
  7. Winners will be confirmed by the Tokenomy team via Video Call.
  8. The winners will be required to send a picture of their ID and a picture of themselves holding their ID that was used to register their verified Tokenomy accounts.
  9. Each NIK (Indonesia Residence Number) is only entitled to win 1 prize. If the same NIK wins another prize, we will re-draw the winner.
  10. All prizes will be distributed by 27 May 2022. Prizes are not cash exchangeable, and cannot be transferred to other parties.
  11. If the winners do not submit the required documents by the date stated above, their prize will be forfeited.
  12. Taxes and any fees incurred from the prize distribution will be incurred by the winners. Prizes are self-collected for winners residing in Jakarta.
  13. Tokenomy reserves the right to change the prizes based on availability.
  14. Any decision made by the Tokenomy team is final and cannot be contested.


Fixed Deposit

  1. For every subscription with a minimum value of 1 million rupiah or equivalent and a minimum subscription period of 90 days, each member will earn 1 point (e.g. 1 million rupiah subscription (90 days) = 1 point).
  2. The points will be rounded down. For example: 2,5 million rupiah subscription (90 days) = 2 points.
  3. Bonus points will be given for subscriptions above 90 days, as per below:
    1. 180 days = +2X
    2. 270 days = +3X
    3. 360 days = +4X
  4. Example: 1 million rupiah subscription for 180 days, user will get 2 points. (1 regular point + 1 bonus point).
  5. Any cheating attempt will disqualify you from the event.

Dual Currency Deposit

  1. Members will get 1 point for every transaction of 1 million rupiah with a minimum volume equivalent to 15 million rupiah, without a minimum tenor.
  2. Points are only awarded for transactions made on BTC pairs. (BTC/USDT, USDT/BTC, BTC/IDK, IDK/BTC)
  3. Before the transaction volume reaches 15 million rupiah, there will be a “bar” to show the progress of the transaction volume.
  4. If the transaction volume reaches more than 15 million rupiah, the user will get 1 point for every 1 million rupiah transaction.
  5. Any cheating attempt will disqualify you from the event.

Irresistible, isn’t it? Don’t miss out on the chance of potentially getting millions of rupiah without spending a dime. What are you waiting for? Share the news, participate in the event, and earn your Rezeki Ramadan at Tokenomy!

Grand Opening! New Pharmacy by Farmaku in Bintaro

Farmaku officially opened its third offline store on Friday, March 11, 2022, to help the public have an accessible health product during the pandemic. This pharmacy is located on Jl. Bintaro Raya, No: 3A, Kebayoran Lama, South Jakarta.

Pharmacy Farmaku Bintaro Raya Ready to Serve the Community

Apotek Farmaku Bintaro Raya is the third pharmacy owned by Farmaku after Selaras Farma pharmacy in Tomang and Apotek Farmaku Asem Baris in Tebet.

Compared to the two previous pharmacies, Apotek Farmaku Bintaro Raya provides clinical facilities for customers who want to consult a doctor. In addition, there are also special facilities for consumers who make purchases using the online delivery application or shop through

According to Farmaku CEO, Iswandi Simardjo, the opening of Apotek Farmaku Bintaro aims to make it easier for the surrounding community to get quality, trusted, and affordable healthcare and pharmaceutical products.

“With the presence of Apotek Farmaku in Bintaro, hopefully, it can be useful to improve the health level of the surrounding community,” said Iswandi Simardjo.

He emphasizes that during the pandemic situation, pharmacies must play an active role in preventing the spread of the Coronavirus. Especially in regards to the distribution of drugs to the public. Iswandi emphasized that basically, the sole purpose of establishing this pharmacy was to serve the community.

A Pharmacy with the Concept of Modern Drugstore

Farmaku, under PT Solusi Sarana Sehat, has been serving the Indonesian people since 2017, both with online services through the website and various marketplaces. is the most complete e-commerce site that sells pharmaceutical, beauty, and other health-related products. strives to give the best service for the community, by preparing a wide selection of products with the best price and fast delivery.

Just like, Farmaku Pharmacy also supplies health products and beauty products. Farmaku uses the concept of modern drugstore which has not been widely applied by other pharmacies.

Farmaku allows consumers to buy products online or offline and deliver the goods directly, using a seamless and integrated O2O (online-to-offline) concept. In addition, Farmaku also provides consultations with telemedicine doctors through a special device that is provided.

NOBI Raises US$4M Funding from AC Ventures

NOBI, a crypto asset management application that serves the needs of casual investors by offering a variety of easy and safe crypto investments, has announced that it has received a new funding round from AC Ventures. US$4 million has been raised in a seed funding round led by AC Ventures, followed by Appworks, Skystar Capital, Cakra Ventures, and Global Founders Capital (GFC). In addition, some angel investors also participated in this funding.

As a leading crypto asset management company, NOBI aims to help casual investors to acquire crypto assets easily and safely. Currently, NOBI provides superior products in NOBI ProEarn, and Trade. These three products aim to make it easier for users to manage and grow their crypto assets to the fullest with best-in-class strategies.

NOBI is dedicated to helping casual investors who want to diversify their investments into crypto assets and non-traders who don’t have the time to actively manage their assets, free of charge and in an easy way.

“NOBI to the moon! This is a huge step for us. AC Ventures and the rest of our investors bring deep unrivaled experience in financial technology (fintech), investment, and crypto. This investment round shows their trust and commitment to what we can do to make a difference as the crypto and financial space starts to merge,” said Lawrence Samantha, Co-Founder & CEO, NOBI.

Based on data from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (BAPPEBTI), the number of crypto investors in Indonesia in 2021 has reached 11.2 million people. The transaction value reached IDR 859.4 trillion throughout 2021. In comparison to 2020, there was an increase of 1,222%. Based on this statistical data, Crypto assets have clearly become one of Indonesia’s most favored investment categories.

As a result, we believe that everyone will be able to invest in crypto assets with ease and safety. We acknowledge that with easier access to crypto-asset investments, everyone may achieve economic equality, which is in line with NOBI’s vision and mission.

This funding is also a measure of NOBI’s success as Indonesia’s best crypto asset management company. AC Ventures, Appworks, Skystar Capital, Cakra Ventures, and Global Founders Capital (GFC) are some of the well-known investment companies that have given their support and trust to NOBI to dedicate to becoming the best crypto asset management in Indonesia.

Jangjo Receives Seed Funding from Darmawan Capital

Jangjo, a waste management platform with a circular economy concept, has just received a seed investment from Darmawan Capital. Through this funding, Jangjo hopes to upgrade the process of waste management and invite stakeholders to collaborate, both for economic benefit and to have a positive impact on the environment.

Co-founder & CEO Jangjo, Nyoman Kwanhok stated, “The main problem with waste management in Indonesia is because of the unintegrated stakeholders into the ecosystem. Therefore, Jangjo wants to present a technology that can connect stakeholders, so this problem can be solved effectively.”

Stakeholders mentioned here are waste producers (people), waste carriers (operators), temporary waste shelters (hub), and waste coordinators (industry).

Jangjo’s main service is giving a thorough education on sorting and transporting sorted waste for the Jakarta area. Residents who have been educated on waste sorting can use Jangjo services to pick up sorted waste to be recycled by waste coordinators later on.

Jangjo’s Co-Founder & Commissioner, Joe Hansen, currently said Jangjo can distribute 55 kinds of products for recycling, including styrofoam, glassware, and used cooking oil. Residents will also get various prizes for each process of taking this sorted waste, from e-wallet balances to new cooking oil.

Using this investment fund, Jangjo hopes to increase its recycling process by 20 times. Ultimately, able to create a circular economy ecosystem through the Jangjo platform. “Investment that Jangjo got, proves that the waste sector is starting to attract investors, both from an environmental and economic perspective,” said Joe.

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