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Indonesia is the second largest producer of tin mining commodities in the world. As a contributor to 70% of the world’s tin exports but has not been able to take part in determining the price of tin, we hope by contributing our experience  as a facilitator for domestic tin trade and managing receipt system warehouses, will improve Indonesia’s economy through effective commodity supply chains.

We believe that by building a reliable and efficient supply chain in Indonesia, it can form the basis for stable food security. Starting from a dream to prosper farmers and ranchers in Indonesia, we collaborate with the government and the best private companies for agricultural facilities and infrastructure and to increase food production.

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Founded in 2017, Darmawan Aryansyah Group is an independent institution focuses on creating sustainable growth to bring economic impact in Indonesia. We have empowered and participated in funding rounds of various businesses and managing start-ups, while simultaneously building integrated supply chains with the implementation of receipt system warehouses, licensed by official government to ensure our reliability to gain customers’ trust.

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