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Effective Supply Chain in Indonesia

Indonesia is the second largest producer of tin mining commodities in the world. As a contributor to 70% of the world’s tin exports but has not been able to take part in determining the price of tin, we hope by contributing our experience  as a facilitator for domestic tin trade and managing receipt system warehouses, will improve Indonesia’s economy through effective commodity supply chains.

We believe by building reliable and efficient supply chains in Indonesia, it can become the basis for a stable food security. Initiated by the dream to prosper Indonesian farmers, we collaborate with the government for agricultural facilities and infrastructure to improve agricultural production.

Our History

Founded in 2017, Darmawan Capital is an independent institution focuses on creating sustainable growth to bring economic impact in Indonesia. Within five years, We have empowered and participated in funding rounds of various businesses and managing start-ups, while building integrated supply chains with the implementation of receipt system warehouses, licensed by official government to ensure our reliability to gain customers’ trust.


Become a company that facilitates effective supply chain to support Indonesia’s economy.


Build solid teams to run effective supply chain for a long term sustainable growth. Simultaneously, funding and managing startups as part of digital businesses in Indonesia.


Oscar Darmawan (born December 5, 1985) is an Indonesian businessman who is one of the founders of Indodax – the Largest Indonesian cryptocurrency exchange and Darmawan Capital.

Oscar has received several awards, such as being in the ranks of Fortune Indonesia’s youngest 40 Under 40 leader and also from the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) for being the first person in Indonesia whose marriage registered on the Bitcoin Blockchain 10ef0e, 5b5a06, 0062f6, 39f9ec, f041c4,5ff791, c20f6b, 1be885, 017202u.

Personal and Business life

To support his family’s financial condition, Oscar was fond of doing small businesses at a very young age. He used to sell toys to his peers at elementary school (SD) and school stationaries in Junior High School (SMP). The money he earned was used to buy his school supplies and lunch.

Oscar Darmawan was exposed to finance while studying in Singapore from the forex platform and network marketing. After graduating from Monash University with a double degree in Information Technology and Systems, Oscar worked in a company engaged in internet security technology.

In his early career, he saw the ups and downs of global digital money, which made him understand the challenge of the digital money platform. Since he had a solid entrepreneurial spirit from the very young age, Oscar decided to return to his home country, Indonesia, to have his own business enterprise, a business in the field of internet technology.

Despite not getting any support from his family, Oscar Darmawan is determined to establish a company engaged in information technology and digital marketing in early 2008.

In 2013, with his partner William Sutanto, he pivoted his company and started the first digital money (bitcoin) platform in Indonesia. He has held the position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Indodax since its establishment until now. Indodax acquired more than 5 million members with the highest daily transactions, more than 3 trillion rupiahs daily.

In 2021, he started exploring the commodity’s supply chain industry under the name of Darmawan Capital. Darmawan Capital currently becomes a trusted trading company for tin, frozen chicken, rice, and corn commodities in Indonesia. Oscar Darmawan tries to implement digitalisation into the supply chain sector, to make it more effective and efficient. Additionally, Oscar Darmawan also actively invests in a few startups that he believes will help Indonesia’s ecosystem and environment through the name of Darmawan Capital and Indotech.

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