Merger and Acquisition

Farmaku Acquired DokterSehat has just acquired DokterSehat in a strategic acquisition, as the trend for using medical applications arises.

Farmaku is a platform that provides services to purchase non-prescription medicine, beauty products, and medical devices. While DokterSehat is a portal that stores verified information about health conditions and health consultations. It also can arrange medical appointments with doctors or hospitals.

In the interview with The CEO of Farmaku, Iswandi Simardjo, he mentioned “Farmaku has merged with DokterSehat. We expect this strategic acquisition enables us to provide a better and more comprehensive health services to the Indonesian people,”

And then the former CEO of DokterSehat who is now CMO of Farmaku, Indra Adam Darmawan, added “We hope that our merger can complement the ecosystem for the transaction of information intelligence and service in Indonesia’s healthcare.”

After Farmaku acquired DokterSehat, both platforms will still provide health services independently on the respective sites.



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