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Kredibel, Report Online Fraud in One Click!

With the increasing number of digital users, online buyers and businesses are under a constant threat of fraudsters, who want to take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to make a profit. With the emergence of various modes of online fraud, from e-commerce, to Whatsapp messages and fake referral codes, challenges everyone to know how to deal and report this fraudulent act to avoid losses.

To solve this problem, Kredibel helps Indonesians to shop online safely. By collecting verified data based on real complaints from users, Kredibel identify suspicious phone numbers or bank accounts and warn people not to make transactions with, avoiding losses from the same fraudsters.

With three features, Kredibel helps businesses minimize online fraud:

  1. Fraud Detection System to monitor your real-time transactions. Reject potentially fraudulent transactions, review suspicious transactions, and accept legitimate transactions.
  2. Know Your Customer, a feature to ease the process of customer onboarding and increase purchase conversions.
  3. Customer Due Diligence, a feature to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

Together we fight against fake online transactions,
Report any suspicious or fraudulent act to

NOBI Launch as a Crypto Investment Platform

PT. Enkripsi Teknologi Handal has just launched NOBI, a platform to make crypto investment accessible, safe and easy for everyone.

Opportunity in Crypto Investment

Overseeing the opportunity in Crypto Investment, NOBI was founded in 2018 with an aim to bring economic equality in Indonesia.

In the interview with SocialDaily, Lawrence Samantha as Co-Founder & CEO of NOBI mentioned, “Around 5% of Americans already have Crypto, while in Indonesia is only about 2%. We want Indonesian to keep up with the technology advancements, and make the best of it.”

This year Indonesia has recorded to have 4.2 million active crypto investors, of which most are traders. Since a lot of platforms emphasized on providing service for trading crypto, NOBI is more focus on asset maximization by the De-Fi (decentralized finance) system.

NOBI is created as an option for those who don’t have the luxury of time to keep up with the 24/7/365 nature of crypto trading.

Managing Crypto Investments

NOBI as Crypto Investment platform provides 3 main services :

NOBI Savings is similar to having a bank savings account. Users can get yield that comes from De-Fi, which is a crypto lending ecosystem with zero risks of failed payments and bad loans.

NOBI Staking or formerly known as Honest Mining, is the act of locking your crypto assets to receive rewards. This method is the easiest way to stake coins.

NOBI Strategy offers the easiest way to trade cryptocurrencies through selections of Robo-Trading strategies that operates 24hr a day. These strategies have been approved by the experts, to ensure their effectiveness in earning possible gain.

Certified Crypto Platform with Global Partnership

NOBI is a certified Crypto Platform that legally registered as an Indonesian business, an active member of the Indonesian Blockchain Association (ABI) and Binance Chain Association.

Moreover, to increase its credibility and provided service, NOBI partners with many leading names in the international crypto companies, such as Indodax, Binance, AAVE, BitMEX, Harmony, and Firo.

Currently NOBI is adding Dash, Vexanium, Harmony, and Firo to complete the list of coins NOBI offered.

Darmawan Capital Opens Coworking Space at CityLoft Sudirman

Located in the prime location of Sudirman, Darmawan Capital introduced a new cozy Coworking space in the heart of Jakarta’s business district.

Accessible by foot, motorbike, bus, car and train, Darmawan Capital create this Coworking Space with an aim to provide an office that is much more than just a place to work in Sudirman. An ideal environment that is comfortable, convenient, and affordable in price, to enhance your productivity and creativity.

For more information, don’t hesitate to contact us.


Citylofts Sudirman

Jl. K.H. Mas Mansyur No. 121

Central Jakarta City, Special Capital Region of Jakarta 10220


  • Virtual Office Address
  • Coworking Space
  • Meeting Room
  • Call Forwarding

Benefit of Coworking Space

  • 24 Hours Working Space
  • The only coworking 24/7/365 in Jakarta
  • Great Location
  • Affordable
  • High Speed ​​Wifi
  • Flexible
  • Air Conditioned
  • Creative Space
  • Smoking Room

Membership Packages

Virtual Office

  • Prestigious Business Address
  • Mail handling & Parcel Reception
  • One Seat Allocation in Coworking Space
  • Secretary Service
  • 24 Hours Meeting Room
  • 24 Hours Office Access
  • Building Domicile Letter
  • Unlimited access to all Virtual Office System

Coworking Space

  • Prestigious Business Address
  • Mail handling & Parcel Reception
  • Private Seat Reserved
  • Secretary service
  • Your Company Logo in the Office Table
  • 24 Hours Meeting Room
  • 24 Hours Working Space
  • Building Domicile Letter
  • Unlimited access to all Virtual Office System

Forwarding Call

  • Dedicated Local Telephone Number
  • Free Call Transfer in Indonesia

Darmawan Capital Launches Coliving House Center

To support the demand of housing in the Jakarta, Darmawan Capital opens a new Coliving House Center in the heart of Jakarta’s business district.

Undoubtedly, the emergence of new technologies has shifts our work culture. Many professionals are questioning the momentum behind work more than ever, especially the younger generation who already embrace the notion of working remotely or working freelance, which made them unrestricted by working hours or bounded in a specific place.

On top of that, Jakarta is densely populated.  It has limited residential areas to cover the new demand for living space. That is why Darmawan Capital is inspired to solve this problem through co-living.

The concept of co-living itself is not new. It’s been a common practice in many places such as China, India, Hong Kong, and several other countries. In a co-living space, all residents will live together as a community, facilitating the opportunity to meet many new coworkers and share new experiences.

Moreover, Co-living is also associated with productivity and wellbeing. Since the inhabitants don’t need to spend hours stuck in traffic to commute, they can have more leisure time to relax and rest.

For these reasons, Darmawan Capital is focus on creating fully facilitated, yet homey and affordable coliving house.

Additionally, Darmawan Capital also offer a service of managing rental apartment units under

For more information, please contact us.

Ayobantu and Indodax Collaborate to Fundraise Relief

Indodax collaborate with Ayobantu, a platform for crowdfunding and online donation, to held a fundraise relief program with a theme “Kenal Lebih Dekat” or translated as ”Get to Know Better” for artists whose livelihood are impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fundraise relief program “Kenal Lebih Dekat” will be conducted every Friday from 16:00-18:00 WIB online, through live broadcast talk shows and music via Youtube Channel of Indodax and Ayobantu website. All the donations we get from these platforms will be distributed to designated artists in cash and supplies.

According to a survey conducted by the Indonesian Musicians Union Federation (FESMI) from 1,400 respondents in 22 provinces in Indonesia, 34.3 percent of musicians work at hotels and cafes, 12.9 percent work as professional musical accompaniment, up to 10.8 percent as teachers, record artists were at 7.1 percent, and digital content creators at 3 percent of all respondents. It shows that the majority of their income range is in IDR 100,000 to 10 million, which occupies 84,9 percent from the total correspondents.

In March 2020, the Indonesian Art Coalition stated that around 40 pre-planned concerts, tours, and music festivals need to be canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. These occurrences have brought massive losses for artists and people involved in art performances. Therefore, Ayobantu and Indodax organize this project to raise awareness and funds to support the livelihood of our Indonesian Artists.

Lyfe Launches Lyfe Gold and Lyfe Silver Products

Lyfe has just launched new features called Lyfe Gold and Lyfe Silver. Both features use tokenization, to make trading in gold and silver to be more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective. Through integrating blockchain technology with the commodity market, Lyfe inspired to enables the deliverance of physical assets via a decentralized network system.

While trading gold has already become a common practice, people might not be aware that silver also has the same potential to be explored. One of the potential gains in trading silver is volatility that is higher than gold. Data shows in 2011, silver had reached its bullish cycle and pushed the metal up almost 500% from its initial price. Moreover, it also has far more usages for industrial purposes than gold, for example in the healthcare and electronics industries.

However, there is a common issue of investing or trading silver, which lies on storing method. Since it is cheaper than gold, people can buy more silver compared to gold. And as the price of 1kg of gold equals 65kg of silver, it will be a hassle to store up as it requires more storage space.

Therefore, to solve this problem, Lyfe gold and Lyfe silver are built on ERC20 technology. By utilizing blockchain, Lyfe can convert gold and silver into a token that can be securely traded and stored. Hence, users can buy and store gold and silver conveniently and safely, anywhere and anytime.

Lyfe gold and Lyfe Silver is available for purchase now on our official trading platform, Indodax.




Indodax Holds a Trading Contest with the Grand Prize of All New Datsun Go Car

Our biggest cryptocurrency marketplace in Indonesia, Indodax, is holding a Trading Contest to celebrate its 7th anniversary. A grand prize for this Trading Contest is one unit car All New Datsun Go.

To win this contest, the participants must compete to accumulate profit using crypto on the Indodax platform. The winners will be selected on those who can get the most profit within a given time.

These prizes will be given in four categories exclusively:

Prizes for an individual, team, photo contest, and trading contest.

Here are the details for Indodax Trading Contest Prize:

1. Indodax Individual Trading Contest Prize

  • 1 The All New Datsun Go car
  • 1 Vario 125 CBS-ISS
  • 1 iPad Pro Gen 2
  • 1 Samsung SmartTV T6500 FHD
  • 1 Samsung Galaxy M21 4 / 64Gb
  • 5 Indodax Vouchers worth 1 million + 5 Lyfe Tapcash Watches

2.  Indodax Team Trading Contest prize

  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth IDR 50,000,000
  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth IDR 25,000,000
  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth IDR 10,000,000
  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth IDR 5,000,000
  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth IDR 2,500,000
  • 5 Indodax Vouchers Worth IDR 1,000,000

Note: Prizes will be handed over to the Team Leader. Team leaders are responsible to organise prize allocation to their team members according to the prior agreement.

Indodax is not responsible for any problems that arise after the prize is handed over to each Team Leader.

3. Indodax Photo Contest Prize

  • 1 Honda Genio CBS 110cc motorcycle
  • 1 Bicycle MTB 26 Mountain Bike BNB EXPLORER 24 Speed ​​Double Disc Brake
  • 1 Instax Square SQ 6 + Film
  • 1 Million Indodax Voucher + Lyfe Tapcash Watch
  • 1 Indodax Voucher Worth 500,000
  • 5 Indodax Vouchers Worth 200,000

4. TokenomyX Trading Contest Prize

  • 1st Winner: Iphone 12 and IDR 500,000.
  • 2nd Place: Ipad 8 2020 and IDR 500,000.
  • Winner 3 – 5:IDR 400,000 for each winner.
  • Winner 6 – 10: IDR 100,000 for each winner.
  • Winner 11-20: IDR 50.000 for each winner.
  • The lottery prize is IDR 500,000 for 5 winners.

The purpose of holding this event is to increase awareness in digital and financial literacy, promoting the right set of knowledge and skills building for crypto assets in Indonesia. Furthermore, it also intended to encourage professional traders to share knowledge with new traders and spark their passion for cryptocurrency, collectively cultivating a vibrant cryptocurrency ecosystem.

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