Sakumas, Digital Gold Investment in Era 4.0

We all know that gold is an investment whose tradition has been passed down from generation to generation. You’re probably familiar with all the gold investments that older people hold; gold jewelry, gold coins, and the array of gold purchase notes they still keep till now. However, as the world moves forward with increasingly massive digitization, will you choose to invest in such a conservative way? Therefore, Sakumas comes with a digital gold investment service that offers convenience for people to start investing.

The Presence of Digital Gold in Era 4.0

Digital gold is the gold that can be traded digitally or through online platforms such as Sakumas. In this way, everyone, including you, will find it easier to invest in gold because there is no need to hold or store the precious metal in physical form.

Investing in digital gold is indeed a cost-effective and efficient way of investing. Because investing in digital gold does not involve additional storage costs. In addition, investors do not need to worry about the safety of gold stored by trading companies in safes on behalf of investors.

When you buy a unit of digital gold online, the company will provide physical gold/bars that have been checked for purity and placed in a trusted company. If you are interested in exchanging it into physical form, the gold will be removed from the “vault”

Benefits of Digital Gold Investment

1. Can Invest Small Amount
You as an investor can invest a small amount of money in digital gold. There is no limit or minimum purchase limit. Hence, one can consider digital gold for investments of small value.

2. The quality is maintained
Investors will only have 24 karat gold, and the quality is maintained. So, it’s not like shopping at a gold shop where you still have doubts about its authenticity. In a digital gold platform, the gold that you purchase is guaranteed, in protection or purity.

3. Easily Convertible To Physical Gold
You can even withdraw the value of gold along with the profits you get from it to an account number in the form of cash.

4. Loans with Digital Gold as Guarantee
In fact, the value of investments in digital gold platforms can be used as collateral to make loans.

5. Track Investments with the Snap of a Finger
Want to calculate how much your gold is worth at this hour compared to the same hour yesterday? You can do that easily via mobile. Just open the application or the website in your spare time, Voila, you will be able to calculate the value of investment performance.

Why Choose Sakumas for Digital Gold Investment?

  • Safe: Gold investment in Sakumas is guaranteed safe because it has been directly supervised and inaugurated by the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti).
  • Practical: The Pluang application is very practical and easy to use so you can sell and buy gold 24 hours a day and seven days a week starting from only IDR 10,000.

Sakumas from the company PT Sehati Indonesia Sejahtera has obtained permission from the Commodity Futures Trading Regulatory Agency (Bappepti) to buy, hold, and store gold representing the interests of users who own digital gold.

Get your Digital Gold Investment in Sakumas Now!

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