Ayobantu, Ramadan Gifts for Dhuafa Families

In welcoming the holy month of Ramadan, Ayobantu collaborates with Rumah Zakat to share with the elderly and poor people through a program called ‘Alms for Dhuafa Families’ (Sedekah Bingkisan Keluarga Dhuafa).

As stated in the Qur’an Surah Al-Fajr that:
“Absolutely not! You don’t even glorify orphans and you don’t invite each other to feed the poor while you eat inheritance by mixing (lawful and unlawful) and you love excessive wealth” (Q.S Al-Fajr (89) verses 17-20).

Mak Nonoh’s Story

One of the stories of elderly family fighters, whose families are classified as underprivileged (Dhuafa) comes from Mak Nonoh, she is a 77-year-old widow who works as a scavenger in the Cikutra area, Bandung. In his old age, Mak Nonoh had to work to  support her 4 orphaned grandchildren.

Mak Nonoh’s daughter used to work as a housemaid to support the needs of Mak Nonoh’s 4 grandchildren, but since the pandemic, she has not worked anymore. Currently, she is working on several odd jobs, so their income has decreased drastically. To live, everyday they try to eat as little as possible, and sometimes they need rely on food that is given by their neighbours.

Mak Nonoh and her 4 grandchildren have to live in a narrow house of 28 square meters, where is no toilet inside the house. Mak Nonoh and her family have to use public toilets and manually draw water. Not only that, the difficult life of Mak Nonoh and her grandson has caused some of her grandchildren forced to drop out from school.

Mbah Darmi’s Story

“Even though I am tired and it is dangerous, I still need to go to the fields to work. I am the breadwinner for the family because my husband has not worked for a long time since he is old and has no energy,” said Darmi, 64 years old.
Every day, Darmi travels 30 minutes by foot to go to the rice fields. To reach the destination, she had to cross the river with a narrow path. Even so, she still left because she needed to earn money to survive.
Mbah Darmi continues to pray that her children will be successful and admits that she wants to enjoy her old age by not working hard. “Hopefully my children can be successful, so I don’t have to work anymore, and they can help me,” she hoped.

Can you imagine…? At the age of Mak Nonoh and Mbah Darmi, they still need to struggle to support her family? Of course, Mak Nonoh and Mbah Darmi aren’t the only one, out there there are thousands of elderly people who are family fighters struggled to feed their family daily.

To help them, therefore, Rumah Zakat invites all friends to lend a helping hand and give a little happiness to Mak Nonoh, Mbah Darmi, and other elderly people in need through the program Ramadan of Ayobantu Alms for Dhuafa Families (Sedekah Bingkisan Keluarga Dhuafa).

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