Kredibel, Report Online Fraud in One Click!

With the increasing number of digital users, online buyers and businesses are under a constant threat of fraudsters, who want to take advantage of the anonymity of the internet to make a profit. With the emergence of various modes of online fraud, from e-commerce, to Whatsapp messages and fake referral codes, challenges everyone to know how to deal and report this fraudulent act to avoid losses.

To solve this problem, Kredibel helps Indonesians to shop online safely. By collecting verified data based on real complaints from users, Kredibel identify suspicious phone numbers or bank accounts and warn people not to make transactions with, avoiding losses from the same fraudsters.

With three features, Kredibel helps businesses minimize online fraud:

  1. Fraud Detection System to monitor your real-time transactions. Reject potentially fraudulent transactions, review suspicious transactions, and accept legitimate transactions.
  2. Know Your Customer, a feature to ease the process of customer onboarding and increase purchase conversions.
  3. Customer Due Diligence, a feature to prevent money laundering and terrorism financing.

Together we fight against fake online transactions,
Report any suspicious or fraudulent act to

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