Darmawan Capital Launches Coliving House Center

To support the demand of housing in the Jakarta, Darmawan Capital opens a new Coliving House Center in the heart of Jakarta’s business district.

Undoubtedly, the emergence of new technologies has shifts our work culture. Many professionals are questioning the momentum behind work more than ever, especially the younger generation who already embrace the notion of working remotely or working freelance, which made them unrestricted by working hours or bounded in a specific place.

On top of that, Jakarta is densely populated.  It has limited residential areas to cover the new demand for living space. That is why Darmawan Capital is inspired to solve this problem through co-living.

The concept of co-living itself is not new. It’s been a common practice in many places such as China, India, Hong Kong, and several other countries. In a co-living space, all residents will live together as a community, facilitating the opportunity to meet many new coworkers and share new experiences.

Moreover, Co-living is also associated with productivity and wellbeing. Since the inhabitants don’t need to spend hours stuck in traffic to commute, they can have more leisure time to relax and rest.

For these reasons, Darmawan Capital is focus on creating fully facilitated, yet homey and affordable coliving house.

Additionally, Darmawan Capital also offer a service of managing rental apartment units under manajemenkos.com.

For more information, please contact us.

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