Ayobantu and Indodax Collaborate to Fundraise Relief

Indodax collaborate with Ayobantu, a platform for crowdfunding and online donation, to held a fundraise relief program with a theme “Kenal Lebih Dekat” or translated as ”Get to Know Better” for artists whose livelihood are impacted heavily by the COVID-19 pandemic.

This fundraise relief program “Kenal Lebih Dekat” will be conducted every Friday from 16:00-18:00 WIB online, through live broadcast talk shows and music via Youtube Channel of Indodax and Ayobantu website. All the donations we get from these platforms will be distributed to designated artists in cash and supplies.

According to a survey conducted by the Indonesian Musicians Union Federation (FESMI) from 1,400 respondents in 22 provinces in Indonesia, 34.3 percent of musicians work at hotels and cafes, 12.9 percent work as professional musical accompaniment, up to 10.8 percent as teachers, record artists were at 7.1 percent, and digital content creators at 3 percent of all respondents. It shows that the majority of their income range is in IDR 100,000 to 10 million, which occupies 84,9 percent from the total correspondents.

In March 2020, the Indonesian Art Coalition stated that around 40 pre-planned concerts, tours, and music festivals need to be canceled or postponed due to the pandemic. These occurrences have brought massive losses for artists and people involved in art performances. Therefore, Ayobantu and Indodax organize this project to raise awareness and funds to support the livelihood of our Indonesian Artists.

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