Lyfe Launches Lyfe Gold and Lyfe Silver Products

Lyfe has just launched new features called Lyfe Gold and Lyfe Silver. Both features use tokenization, to make trading in gold and silver to be more efficient, transparent, and cost-effective. Through integrating blockchain technology with the commodity market, Lyfe inspired to enables the deliverance of physical assets via a decentralized network system.

While trading gold has already become a common practice, people might not be aware that silver also has the same potential to be explored. One of the potential gains in trading silver is volatility that is higher than gold. Data shows in 2011, silver had reached its bullish cycle and pushed the metal up almost 500% from its initial price. Moreover, it also has far more usages for industrial purposes than gold, for example in the healthcare and electronics industries.

However, there is a common issue of investing or trading silver, which lies on storing method. Since it is cheaper than gold, people can buy more silver compared to gold. And as the price of 1kg of gold equals 65kg of silver, it will be a hassle to store up as it requires more storage space.

Therefore, to solve this problem, Lyfe gold and Lyfe silver are built on ERC20 technology. By utilizing blockchain, Lyfe can convert gold and silver into a token that can be securely traded and stored. Hence, users can buy and store gold and silver conveniently and safely, anywhere and anytime.

Lyfe gold and Lyfe Silver is available for purchase now on our official trading platform, Indodax.




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